Life Transitions

Like it or not, we all experience numerous transitions in our lives.  These transitions are sometimes by choice or opportunity (i.e., decided breakups, new jobs, moving), whereas others come from environmental ends (i.e., graduating, sudden layoff, unwanted breakups).  Transitional periods, whether positive or negative, force us to change how we live our everyday lives and settle into a new routine.  People often find that navigating their new roles is difficult as they experience new problems and their “go-to” strategies are no longer sufficient. This can lead to an increase in stress and have a negative impact on mental health.

During difficult transitional times, specialized treatment is encouraged to help people learn different ways to cope with the change, potentially grieve the loss of the old role, and manage the new demands of their life. I employ a combination of interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral strategies to help you adapt to life’s constant changes.

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