Pregnancy and Postpartum

The pregnancy and postpartum (“perinatal”) time comes with hormonal changes that increase a woman’s susceptibility to negative emotions.  This, coupled with the demands of the new role, explains why research has found that pregnant and postpartum women are at high risk of experiencing psychological distress.  While approximately 75% of women experience mood changes during the perinatal period, a shocking 15 to 20% of women experience clinically significant symptoms of anxiety or depression– and most do not receive adequate treatment.  It’s time we talk about this issue.

I earned a certification in Perinatal Care by Postpartum Support International to treat women during the perinatal time. I use a multifaceted approach to help new moms adapt to parenting and overcome any feelings of sadness or disconnection to their child. My training in attachment theory will help you set the groundwork for your parenting style while increasing your sense of bonding to your child. I will also use my training in interpersonal psychotherapy, which is a specialized and empirically-supported treatment approach for new parents, to help you integrate into your new role as a caregiver.

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